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Welcome to Authority. Authority is an Alliance-based World of Warcraft high-performing casual raiding and social guild (formerly of Arthas server) located on the Stormrage server. Raid members are expected to maintain excellent attendance, show up 15 minutes early for raid, and have watched and studied the guild boss strategies. Authority's membership is mostly adult-based and exclusively and subjectively determined by the guild leadership. Members are expected to always represent Authority positively. Poor behavior such as name-calling, harassment, dishonesty, and derogatory or inflammatory statements will not be tolerated and are subject to ejection. Respect for fellow players, personal responsibility, and integrity are characteristics expected of Authority members. WARNING TO PARENTS: Authority does not force a speech censure on its members; therefore, guild chat, both in-game and through voice chat, may contain explicit adult concepts and ideas. Parental discretion is advised.

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